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Garden Centre Equipment Specialists

Woodham is a Design and Manufacturing  Company that began ten years ago producing Garden Centre Trolleys and Carts.Following the run away international success of the innovative Woodham Plant Trolley John has developed an exciting  and equally innovative range of plant display and merchandising equipment.

These practical and robust display solutions  all have  'bottom up watering' capability and have ensured that Woodham have  pole position at the forefront of companies designing and making products specifically for the garden center and the wider plant retailing industry.

Woodham has exhibited regularly at GLEE in the UK and more recently at IGC in Chicago, both with outstanding results. A commitment to ongoing product development and response to new trends ensures that innovative and practical new products and refinement will continue to be available from Woodham for the plant retail industry.

Garden Centre Plant Carts & Trolleys

kids-trike-red.jpgWoodham trolleys & carts are lightweight and maneuverable. Large capacity tray encourages higher average sales. Customers and staff love them. Shown is the standard Woodham Trolley with Childs Unicycle and Capsule Bar attachment. [ More ]

Meet John Woodham


Innovative Practicle Solutions

Using  my design skills and experience and working closely with international plant retail experts I have over the past ten years built a design,production and marketing team that share my passion for innovative, versitile and practical products. Woodham plant display products solve plant retail problems and create opportunities for increased sales while at the same time providing for significant savings in plant care and fixture maintenance.

Latest News

May 2012

Woodham Trolley Helps Mum

Gill Bransgrove and her Woodham Trolley helps win her battle in landmark High Court decision agains local health authorities.

May 2011

Australian Sales Office

New sales office in Melbourne in 2010, Woodham Manufacturing has seen a huge increase in sales across the entire country. 

May 2011

Finance Options Available

Woodham is working with a local finance business in New Zealand to offer some customers the ability to purchase Woodham products.

Middle East Growth

Middle East has taken yet another container of Woodham products, as the Garden Centre Industry grows in the region.

Garden Center Merchandising
& Retail Displays

Proven Performance in Plant Retail

The Woodham Range of garden center plant display and merchandising round tables, rectangular benches,tiered shelving and carousels have been developed in consultation with leading international garden centre consultants in response to industry demand for versatile and high impact display systems that are light weight, robust and attractive.

The Woodham Range is designed for 'bottom up  watering' thereby creating significant savings in both water and labour while improving plant health and most importantly making them ' mess free' and suitable for inside or outside display.  

Front of store display


Woodham plant retail units have recently established position for themselves in the Big Box and Supermarket plant and produce environment.Their versitility and high impact together with their bottom up watering, robust construction and clean design ensures an exciting future for Woodham in this market

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Robust & Options

All products have a range of accessories and options enhancing their effectiveness in your retail situation.

Long Retail Barrow


Maximise Front of Store Retail

Woodham Long Retail Barrow displays a high volume of product and is particularly suited to front of store merchandising.

3 & 4 Tiered Shelving Units


Ideal for busy Supermarkets

Bottom up watering and no mess maintenance allow plants to look their best maximised precious retail area and protecting customers from hazardous watering issues.


"A big step forward in trolley design. Offers a strong buying incentive for customers: convenience."
Bill Brett
icon-tick.png Innovation
Bottom up watering & low footprint vs. volume of display.
icon-tick.png Versatility 
Flexibility and mobility with multiple applications.
icon-tick.png Practicality 
Proven in the international environment to do a better job than any alternative product.
icon-tick.png Impact 
Displays at their best in blocks of colour & texture for the wow factor.
icon-tick.png Aesthetic 
Simple clean design to meet industry needs & to look great.
icon-tick.png Efficient 
Bottom up watering & low footprint vs. volume of display.
Woodham Design New Zealand
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What Is Woodham Design About?
Woodham Design is a manufacturing company with a strong focus on plant retail merchandising products. Our commitment is to work with the international plant retail industry to produce quality products that.
  • Increases Sales ✔
  • Are Practical and Innovative ✔
  • Create Impact and Look Good ✔
  • Are A Pleasure To Use ✔